New Jalpaiguri- Darjeeling- New Jalpaiguri
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5 Nights/ 6 Days

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Day 1 Arrive Arrive at the platform of 2D passenger train within nine in the morning. Your train will depart from Darjeeling 9012ft station in the morning 9:15. You will arrive at Ghum 7408 ft at station at 9:40 am. At 11:32 you will find yourself at Kurseong 4864 Ft station.
Day 2 Arrive You little train will stay in the Kurseong station for half an hour. Here the visitors are allowed to take a little rest along with tiffin. After leaving from Kurseong 4864ft the toy train will take you in Tindharia 2822ft junction.
Day 3 Arrive The next stoppage is Tindharia 2822 Ft is a bit far. You will be there at 1:18. Being a small station the train wont stay here for long. Within a very short while prepare yourself for the next stay at Rangtong 1404 Ft .
Day 4 Arrive You will be reaching at Rangtong 1404 Ft at 2:07 in the noon. Then your nest station to cross is Sukna 533 Ft. you will leave from Sukna at 14:39pm.
Day 5 Arrive The toy train will be arriving at Siliguri Jn at 3: 11 O’ clock. Here the train will move around all the major spots of Siliguri town. You will reach Siliguri town at 3:21 in the afternoon.
Day 6 Arrive Within a very short span you will be leaving Siliguri town to reach New Jalpaiguri. Make ready yourself for the upcoming destination New Jalpaiguri. The little toy train will take you in New Jalpaiguri within 3:45pm.

Trip Higlights


  • Flight yes

  • Free Meal yes

  • Free Drinks yes

  • Transport yes

  • Sightseeing yes

  • Hotel yes

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