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Rajasthan – the kaleidoscopic state that is symbolic of royalty, regality and reverence. It is indeed the land that reverberates the glory of Maharajas, kingdoms, medieval forts, and palaces. What better way can there be to explore this enchanting desert than a Camel Safari Tour? Experience the mystical landscapes away from the madding crowd and in the tranquility of golden sand dunes on the outskirts of Jaisalmer and Jodhpur. The Camel Safari Tour Jodhpur offers curated heritage walks and camel rides, along with breathtaking sunset views, delectable and authentic Rajasthani cuisine on an overnight stay under the moonlit sky in the dunes. Tourists can take a camel rides all around the undulating sand dunes and the desert terrain. The mesmerizing view of the dunes, especially during sunset and sunrise, is complete soul-food. Another must-do on the Camel Safari Rajasthan Tour is the Camel Fair (also known as the Pushkar Mela) in the enchanting and mystical town of Pushkar. This charming fair is a tribute to the beauty of ‘ship of the desert’. It is indeed an enchanting sight amid vast desert fields inundated with crowds of excited people in resplendent clothes and turbans, camels and other cattle panoramically covering the sand dunes in all their magnificent glory, embellished with colorful and intricately embroidered saddles and jewelry.  Highlights of the Camel Fair Tour are camel races,  camel parades, camel dances and the enthralling auctioning of these magnificent animals that form an integral part of Rajasthan’s livelihood in the desert. Also a part of the carnival, are cultural performances showcasing the vibrant music and folk dances of the state. The Camel Safari Holiday Tour is indeed a memorable experience – it is a journey that takes you into the world of colour, camels and culture that is quintessentially Rajasthan!    


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