Bihar derives its name from ‘Vihara’, the Sanskrit word for Buddhist monastery. Take the Bihar Tour Package to explore the birthplace of Buddhism. Explore this state rich in culture and history. Visit Bodhgaya, the quaint town Lord Buddha attained enlightenment in. Be united with history under the Bodhi tree that flourishes inside the Mahabodhi Temple complex, amid a beautiful garden setting. Take in the surreal magic of the eight feet tall statue of Buddha and discover a whole new meaning to life with this spiritual journey. The Bihar Tour Package will take you to serene Tergar and Karma Dhargye Chokhorling monasteries and ancient temples. Experience their warmth and serenity. Another highlight of the Bihar Tour is the ancient centre of learning, Nalanda, which is regarded as one of the first great universities in the world. Explore this great architectural masterpiece and grandiose edifice. Feel the tranquil vibes of monasteries, temples and the ‘Great Stupa’ amid the red-brick ruins. Be connected back in time with the Mauryan Empire with a trip to Patna, the capital city that stands on the southern banks of the Ganges. Enjoy delectable Bihari cuisine. Eat, Pray and soak in the experience of the tsiindia Bihar Package Tour!  

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