Andhra Pradesh

Explore the rich and regal history of Hyderabad. Be it the old world charm of by lanes in the old city, or the teeming urbane touch of the modern hi-tech ‘Cyberabad’, the tsiindia/flexitours holiday package has it all tailor-made you. The impressive and overwhelming architecture of the magnificent Golconda Fort will leave you enthralled. Another must-do is the principle landmark of the city, The Charminar. For the foodie in you, what better than the spiced, delectable ‘Hyderabadi cuisine’? The Telangana/Andhra Pradesh holiday package will satiate your travel quest with visits to valleys, tranquil lake waters, meadows, hill stations, virgin forests,  scenic hills and ridges, swirling beach waves, resorts, caves, and national parks and sanctuaries.  Soak in the sun and sand on the golden beaches of Visakhapatnam, also known as Vizag , and enjoy the cool breeze on the wavy hills. Another must-do on the Telangana/Andhra Pradesh tour is the divine Buddhist complex Sanskaram, 40km west of Vizag. Ruins of monastery structures and reliefs of the Buddha and a fabulous overview of the surrounding paddy fields will give you a serene and calming vibe. On the tsiindia/flexitours holiday package, visit one of the globe’s largest pilgrimage destinations, the Lord Venkateshwara or the Tirupati temple which is located the Tirumala hill. The tsiindia/flexitours holiday package beckons you to take a trip to another gem of the Indian subcontinent.

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