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TOP 5 Places for Ayurveda Treatments in Kerala

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Ayurveda is one of the oldest sciences India, Ayurveda was born around 5000+ years ago. Ayurveda treatment is famous in India and is truly the style of a therapy or a therapy that soothes the idea and the physique to the hilt. It also creates a strong immunity, sharp memory, and lengthy life. From beauty care to stress management and many types of slimming program to anti-aging program, the all-inclusive Ayurveda Treatment of Kerala is pleasant for everyone.


Kairali ayurvedic health resort palakkad Kerala

Kairali ayurvedic health resort one of the famous Ayurveda resort of Kerala. It is a perfect location for ayurvedic treatments; health resort is located 50 acres of lush green land of Kerala. All foods served 100% vegetarian and alcohol is restricted, tourists’ are encouraged to participate every morning meditation and yoga.

Resort most important thing is an herbal garden, the herbal garden is a source of natural herbs, all the doctors are well qualified, provide you the best diets Manu for every guest. Resorts offer you lots of activities like palmistry, numerology, astrology, and yoga etc.


Sarovaram Ayurvedic Resort

Sarovarm Ayurvedic resort located in a peaceful and noise free area; resort managed by well qualified ayurvedic doctors and well trend massage experts staff. All treatments using herbal medicines. These herbal medicines are specially manufactured by a team of the 3rd generation of Ayurvedic doctors at the in-house production facility. Sarovaram is best options who are on a low budget; it’s a very simple place.

It is located kollam district of Kerala, and tourist can enjoy lots of activities like houseboat etc.


Ideal Ayurvedic Resort Kovalam

Ideal Ayurvdic Resort another one of the best resorts for  ayurvedi treatments’ as you know kerala one of the best for ayurveda and also offer you yoga, meditation and many more type of treatments. Ideal Ayurvedic resort is located in kovalam, it is saturated a simple and small village, you can enjoy with coconut palms, Chowara Beach. The resort is very simple but treatments are still on a high standard overseen by the doctors.


kalari kovilakom ayurveda resorts

If you are looking a luxurious Ayurvadic Resort, kalari kovilakom ayurveda resorts is the best option for you, kalari kovilakom a best place where ayurveda truly discover. Ayurveda resorts offer you a best combination of psychological and spirituals therapies and many other type of treatment like mediation, yoga and physical ayurveda.

"Kalari Kovilakom" situated in a simple village in palakkad district, there are lots of wide variety of herbal plants

Best Ayurvedic Treatments:  kalari kovilakom ayurveda offer you various types of treatments, treatment may new for you and you fell uncomfortable. Provide different types of massages herbal medicine, personally advised you be open mind and first you consult your doctor.


Ayurveda Yoga Villa Kerala

Ayurveda yoga villa is located in waynad district of kerala; it is one of the best resorts for yoga practices, yoga training and Ayurveda Activities. Offer you best treatment and natural therapies. You feel very unique experience of all treatments. All the treatments herbal and medicines techniques are safe and monitored by qualified and experienced professionals. Whole facility is built in a very one of a kind area and designed according to Vastu -the historic science of Architecture



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