Casino Etiquette

Basic Casino Etiquette So That You Enter Like A Pro

There are some lesser know casino etiquette that you can adhere to on the casino floor. It might be something as simple as the technique of placing your bets, buying chips or cashing out. Only experience would be able to teach you these manners of gambling. But we are here to cut short and lead you straight to the appropriate behavior for the casino

Navigating the casino

Any newcomer may find the early casino experience daunting because it is all new. You may even find yourself packing through the floor confused, while the others are expertly going about their gambling fun. Also, the watch of the dealers, surveillance cameras and pit bosses add to the pressure. Whatever you do, don’t stand in the way of other others and move over to the side. Never hesitate to ask the rules and instructions. You can use the tables that do not wager real money to acquaint yourself with the rules.


Cameras and Cell Phones

There are certain rules about the use of electronics in the casinos. Cell phones and other personal gadgets are prohibited when playing a game. The casino may even have network blockers in place. Also, avoid clicking photos at the casino, as it helps protect the privacy of others,

Joining the gaming table

gaming table

Maybe you are bored with the slot games or video poker. These games have generally simple rules of play. But there are games like craps and blackjack that have rules of etiquette that have to be followed. Make sure to enter the table without disturbing the other players. Observe the tables for a few minutes before taking a place there. After making a note of the minimum and maximum stakes, get to playing. Also, never place your drink on the table. Use the designated area to hold these drinks.

Buying the Chips

Buying the Chips

Place the money between the dealer and you when buying chips. Don’t hand the money on to the dealer’s hands. Only the chips can be taken with hands. Understand the values of the chips you have bought. Take the help of the dealer if you want to cash out.

Place your bet

All are areas are designated for placing the bet. You cannot touch your chips again after you have put them for play. Only collect your winnings after the other players have been paid. Never reach across the table. Ask the dealer if you feel like you cannot reach something. If another player asks you to pass over the chips, slide them rather than picking them up to assure them that you have not stolen any.

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