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Weather in India

People of India are very lucky as they get to enjoy different kinds of weather that vary from regions to regions. Though the climatic conditions of India remain hot but still the variations in weather conditions take place from district to district. The coolest weather begins from December month and continues till February and offers fresh and lovely day-breaks and sundown. The plight of the India’s citizens really become considerate between March and June when the temperature rises, hot air blows, and makes the entire atmosphere gloomy, unpleasant, dry, and dusty and thus makes their life tormenting to a certain extent. Weather in India really plays games with the inhabitants of the country as shows different shades of its personality every time. For example, the majority of India’s regions start receiving monsoons between June and lasts with the augment of October. Furthermore, climate or weather conditions in India are also dominated by great wind system refereed to as Asiatic monsoons. It is sheer a different sort of prevailing wind system that functions each year in the same direction. Sometimes, monsoons also change their directions, which are why; sometimes they blow little by little from the southwest; for the other months, from the northeast. Besides, India can be smoothly segregated into seven climatic conditions the northern Himalayas or mountains, the Rajasthan Desert, the Deccan plateau, Assam in the extreme northeast of the country, the northern plains from the Ganga to just northwest of Delhi and the west coast, the southeast coastlands.

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