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Kashmiri Wazwan Recipes


Kashmir, as well know is the tourists spot all over India. Here people come to discover the place and capture the everlasting memories in their minds. People are famous for their affluent cultural values, lifestyle, simplicity and hospitality. Kashmiris believe in the mantra of ‘Atithi devo bhava’ and serve their guests from the heart. ‘Ministry of Tourism of Kashmir ‘makes sure that travelers should bag the best about this place.

The hospitality of Kashmiris make the travelers feel home away from home. Their cuisines are richer in taste. For Rg Rogan Josh, Kashmiri Kebabs and Kashmiri Pandit cuisines. But, there is a very famous cuisine ‘Wazwan’ which is considred as a ceremony. It is not just a meal. Its preparation requires great effort and labor as it is a time consuming and is a great classic example of hospitality of Kashmiris. This dish involves Chappan Bhog which requires large number of course not mandatory to have 36 courses.

Wazwan is celebrated at time of family wedding or at some other important occasions. It has some special treatment which includes the group of only 4 people around the table. The hands are mandatory to be washed before tasting Wazwan. Tash-t-Nari is circulated among the guests to clean their hands with warm water in a samovar.

‘Vasta Waza’ or the chief chef takes help of his assistant chefs locally known as Wazas to prepare the dish. The chef buys the ingredients personally for this scrumptious cuisine and makes sure that ultimately it should result as a lip smacking item to the guests. The table on which wazwan is served is also decorated by the other delicious items like flavored rice saffron in color, Rogan Gosh, Zafrani Murg, numerous kebabs and some non vegetarian items prepared from lamb.

At the end of the ceremonial celebration of Wazwan, an exotic item is served at end which is called ‘Phirni’. Some would also love to have the Zyaka of ‘Gushtaba’ .This is simply an example of culinary arts of Kashmir and give a celestial feel to the traveler, if he is fortunate to have it at least once in a lifetime.

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