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Visa to Jammu and Kashmir


Jammu and Kashmir is the finest state of India. It is rightly called the throne of India surrounded by majestic Himalayan range and beautiful scenic beauty. It has earned lots of tourists arrivals from different parts of world. Traveling is like an arch, more you think you have traveled, it still creates a deep urge in us to travel more and explore the particular place. But, what comes into picture are the rules and regulations which are required to be followed while traveling in any country. We as a traveler should make sure that if some visa is required to the country where we have decided to explore. In addition, to what we have said above, we can study some visa information in detail before traveling to Jammu and Kashmir.

Traveling to Jammu and Kashmir is regulated by the Article 370 clause of the Indian Constitution and has some special permits. The certain category of visa is required to travel in Jammu and Kashmir is mentioned here below. For Eg Tourists can make their travel possible through Tourist visa, Entry Visa and Business Visa where students can apply student visa. Some other Visas can be taken into consideration which can make our exploration possible in Jammu and Kashmir, the detail of which is being mentioned here below:
1. Journalist Visa
2. Entry Visa
3. Conference Visa
4. Transfer of Visa
5. Research Visa and
6. Transit Visa

The most important thing which needs to be taken care of is that once any category of visa is obtained by any traveler that will not be changed till once you have entered in Indian Territory. A traveler has to obey the rules follow under the selected visa type and enjoy his trip to India and capture the unforgettable tour to India.

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