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Visa to Jammu and Kashmir from Australia


The state of Jammu and Kashmir is truly called as the ‘Paradise on Earth’. The state is famous for its marvelous picturesque beauty and lovely landscape which is successful in earning the foreign tourists. Lots of arrival from foreign country helps India to earn foreign income in dollars which is undoubtedly, more than Indian rupee when calculated in Indian currency. Visa to Jammu and Kashmir is also possible for the tourists coming from Australia. Often, we have seen cricket matches taking place between Indian and Australia. This has also encouraged the native people of Australia to explore India and find the best of it.

But, tourists have to keep one factor in mind that Visa is a very important for their travel to India otherwise, permission would be granted to them.

Some Guidelines are to be followed while obtaining the visa for your travel to India from Australia.
1. The applications filed for Visa needs to be very neat and clean. There should be no mistake in it. Otherwise, it would be rejected.
2. The application needs to be filled with either blue or black pen. All the other important information like name, addresses and other particulars should be filed accurately.
3. Two recent passport size photographs
4. The passport should have the validity of at least 6 months.

The traveler from Australia should make sure that the government of Jammu and Kashmir would not allow him o visit some areas of state as the state is governed by the Article 370 clause.

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