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Shiv Khori Yatra


Introduction to Tour to Shivkhori
As the month of march commences, numerous devotees of Lord Shiva come every year at the time of Shivratiri. They have deep inclination towards Lord Shiva and such religious tour to Shivkhori give immense pleasure to Shaivites. Their number is countless and they feel blessed in the shade of Lord Shiva. Being mythlogically associated, it involves tour to the natural cave which is some where around 100 Km from Jammu.

Legendary Association of Shivkhori Cave
The legendary association of Shivkhori Cave is derived from the fact that one day some shepherds were pushing their sheeps forcefully down the hill and suddenly they discovered a naturally formed cave of ShivLingam which is known as Shivkhori world wide. The architectures who were involved in the making of Lord Shiva grandeur drew the impression of Sheshnag on the top of Shivkhori cave in the center of the Lord Shiva’s Jatta. It gave a marvelous look to it which is beyond our imagination.

Structure of Shivkhori Cave
The structure of Shivkhori cave includes two chambers. The first chamber which is an outer chamber is very spacious and has the capacity to hold copious devotees whereas the inner chamber protects the natural Shiva Lingam. All the tourists from different parts of world visit the place during the time of Shivratri. They offer prayers and show kind devotion to Shiva. They find a direct connection with their god. In return, Lord Shiva showers his love and blessing on entire aficionado.

Location of Shivkhori
The location of Shivkhori is not in the outskirts of Jammu and Kashmir. It is there itself in the region of Jammu. It involves a visit to Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir where the transport is easily available. A tourist can easily avail the transport to Bhafarkah Village in Pouni Block. Shivkhori cave is positioned just about 100 Km from Jammu and one can easily explore these caves from Reasi Tehsil hillock.

We should really feel fortunate if, given a chance to visit such exotic caves which are aesthetic, unusual and provides a direct link with our lord.

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