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Amarnath Travel


Shaivite, the die hard believer of Lord Shiva come to the Amarnath temple as they share a great bond with their deity. It provides a direct link between lord Shiva and his followers. Tour to Amarnath, involves a careful study of the important religious places and also a close look at the facts related to the rich cultural heritage of India. The followers who are firm believer of god, this place is mythlogically inclined. A trip down the caves of Amarnath seems to be a holy intention of many Indian pilgrims and foreigners too.

Legend of Amarnath
Amarnath temple has a religious significance where Lord Shiva revealed the secret of life to his wife Parvati. He wanted a lonely place to reveal the secret of life which resulted in the caves of Amarnath.

Tourism in Amarnath
Government of Kashmir organizes tour to Amarnath in the month of July. The area of Amarnath is 14,500 ft above the sea level which is a thrilling experience in itself. Various government depots are Pehelgaon, Sheshnag, Chandanwari and Panchtami. It is always advisable to the tourists going to Amarnath to carry some woolen clothes to protect themselves from the cold and some medicines and tinned food. The word 'Amar' means immortal and ‘Nath’ means God. The tour gives a wonderful experience to Shaivite as he gets the blessing of his god.

Khatamband in the 14th century was originated by a renowned saint Shah-i-hamdaan. He visited Himalayan valley with his supporters who were artists from the Iran. Gradually, the art of Khatamband became very famous in Kashmir because of its beauty and quality of padding. local Kashmiris opted this form of art from them. This art is a manual art which requires the use of nails and hands. The wood is processed, cut into buttons and panels fixed in different natural shapes of plants and provide a geometrical design.

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