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Kashmiri Rogan Josh Recipe


Being situated on the north, Kashmir is considered as one of the beautiful places where tourists come and explore it because of its stupendous tourists attractions. It is called the ‘Switzerland of India’ because of its cold climate and celestial beauty. Tourists from all over the world enjoy the natural essence of the place and feel as if they are sitting in the laps of the Mother Nature. The entire ambience is classic, regal and blissful. No tourist wants to go back, if comes once.

The place is renowned all the world for its rich cultural heritage, lifestyle and simplicity. Here we find the blend of people of different casts, creed, religion and different food habits.

Kashmiri delicacies are richer in taste and have similar taste as of the international cuisines. Here we get to see the common backgrounds of Hindus and Muslims whose culture have put a great impact on the food habits and the way of living. For Eg Rajma Chawal, is one of the rich delicious food items of Hindu brings mouth watering effect once it is eaten. Whereas Rogan Josh is worth mentioning in the list of the culinary arts of Muslims.

Rogan Josh is very common in Muslims but, now it is becoming famous world wide. Its preparation includes Indian species, lamb meat chunks, almonds., tomato pulp and yoghurt. The lamb is cooked with heavy species over the low flame. The strong smell and the flavor increase its value. The dish looks so attractive that we become selfish and want it to be served first to us and feel the royal taste and have an everlasting mouth watering effect in the mouth.

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