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Kashmiri Kebabs


Introduction to the Kashmiri Kebab
Kashmiri Kebab is the most wanted spice because of its exotic and rich taste. The cook gives special attention and care while preparing it It is a very renowned dish all over India. The food habits of Kashimiris are effected by the rulers who ruled in the ancient time. For Eg The cookery delights in Kashmir points to the strong influence of Uzbekistan, particularly after the attack of Timur. Persian and Afghan rulers and Central Asian also put a great impact on the culture and cuisine of Kashmir. Kashmiri Kebabs are universally known as Shammi Kebabs.

The word Shammi Kebab has got the urdu connotation attached to it. As the word Shammi comes from the urdu word Syrian. It is a very easy job to prepare this dish as it requires lot of efforts, but once it is prepared no one can wait long to wait it.

Preparation of Kashmiri Kebab
Shammi Kebab or Kashmiri Kebab is a non vegetarian dish prepared from mutton or chicken and beef made into dough with chickpeas and a variety of spices. The dish has a special importance in South East Asian and Middle East countries and is served religiously. It is served with a special technique. Hot Kebabs with Lemon juice and sliced raw onions, one would just simply enjoy rich fragrance. The service of gravy and Chutney, prepared from mint is often provided to enhance the taste of Kashmiri Kebabs. These kebabs become more yummier if they are served with Sheer Quorma but that would be according o one's own taste.

The delicious Kashmiri Kabab
Kashmiri Kebabs became more popular in the western countries after the release of the ‘Red Dwarf’ which is a science fiction written by Grant Neylor. Even in India, these kebabs have become very common and served at marriges, events and at grand functions which proves that we as an Indians accept people from all over the world and their food habits gladly. These kebabs are rich in taste and non vegetarians prefer to eat such lavish items on daily basis.

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