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Cuisines in Jammu and Kashmir


The state of Jammu and Kashmir is an interesting place to experience. On a tour to Jammu and Kashmir, we will find ourselves in the lap of the Mother Nature. Here, people eat different kinds of food and serve multi cuisines rich in nutrition. The land is divided into four zones and each zone has its spectacular features and importance as far as the eating habits are concerned. Cooks have a special technique of preparing cuisines as marked by the different style and method of cooking. Kashmiri Pundits avoid the usage of onion and garlic in their cuisine whereas Kashmiri Muslims on the other end use hing and curds. Laddakh region have altogether different cooking manner than both.

Preparing meat based cuisines of Kashmiris require special attention and this art continues from generation to generation. The basic medium to prepare an exotic food of Kashmiris is the use of pure ghee and mustard oil. Saffron is used in abundance which gives an ultimate flavor to these dishes. The best way to relish the culinary delicacies of Kashmir is to have a frequent visit to the place. The most favored non vegetarian culinary is Lamb and mutton which are prepared on a special occasion.

Persia and Afghanistan cuisines have an Indian royal touch to them. Most enjoyable dishes are phirni, dum aloo and kashmiri pulao, The non vegetarian items like Pasande Kashmiri, rogan josh, shami kebabs, shab degh (red Kashmiri smeat dish) kebab and Kashmiri keema pulao etc.

The culinary art of Kashmir is a traditional dish requires special attention while preparing it. The dish which involves a thirty six course meal is an art itself is named 'Wazwan', At the time of marriage all these foods are served in big amount. People enjoy them and feel the taste in their mouth even returning homes.

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