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Climate of Jammu and Kashmir


Climatic Conditions
Situated on the north, the state of Jammu and Kashmir is truly the throne of India. The state and its people are blessed with four major seasons which are spring, autumn, summer and winter. Every season has distinct features and special characteristics. The people from northern region anywhere in India enjoy the moods of all the seasons. The entire scenic beauty and landscape of Jammu is worth seen. People from all over all the world come and enjoy their vacations as it is considered as the Tourists place of India. The city welcomes the tourists wholeheartedly. The tourists who come to explore the city become fortunate and is able to observe the snow covered lofty mountains, the alpine meadow and the greenery all around. Here the entire region seems that a huge man is wearing a white colored dress and has wrapped the state of Jammu in his arms. The mountains, big size trees, small huts and the fast flowing water of lakes create a deep urge in tourists mind to spend rest of his life here. All above the rays of sun give a new dimension to the entire scenery.

As, we all know that all the locals of Jammu and Kashmir are habitual to the different shades of moods of all seasons, so spring season has its own charm. Spring season starts in the month on March and continues till the beginning of May. It provides a pleasant and lovely feeling to everyone and keep the localities energetic for the whole day. The shopkeepers, business men, artisans and craftsmen feel fresh at work and children enjoy the most. The temperature in the spring season increase to some extent. The heat is not as intolerable as found and seen in the other parts of India. Spring season altogether is a lovely season and the beautiful images of Jammu and Kashmir are stupendous.

It will not be wrong, if we draw a comparison of the climate of Jammu and Kashmir with the beautiful country Switzerland. Kashmir wraps itself in an emerald green jacket with the beautiful work of flower on it. The parks and the gardens are beautifully studded with the yellow daisy flowers.

In Summer season, Flora and Fauna appear attractive. The pine trees, rippling rivulets and the serene lakes look lovely and tempting. As the spring season end in May, the summer season stretches its arms till the end of August. The summer season in Jammu and Kashmir has become the favorite spot of tourists to spend their vacations. The third season wraps the locals of Jammu is the autumn season which commences in the September and continues till late November. The autumn season is the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. Entire vision becomes enduring and the landscape has a royal touch in it. The real extravaganza to the eyes is the garden area wrapped with red carpet. The nights are comparatively colder. The climatic condition is very favorable for the tourists to take glee in the places of interest, smell of this idyllic land.

Winters in Jammu and Kashmir start in the month of December and are really cold. Although the trees have a dead look and it gain no attraction of the tourists. The snow covered landscape is a visual treat as well.

On description of the Jammu and Kashmir landscape, it has got jagged settings. We must not leave the chance of visiting Jammu and Kashmir and feel lucky to explore the city in our own ways.

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