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Art and Craft in Leh and Ladakh


Leh Ladakh region is one of the important regions of Jammu and Kashmir. The entire state is famous for its marvelous artistic sense. The collection of art which gets exposed to the tourists is so attractive that it forces them to purchase something there and then. But, individually, the area of Leh Ladakh cannot brag much about its inventive craftsmanship. Reason being, that their art and crafts support the localities to earn their livelihood. It acts bread and butter to them. The village of Chlling in this region has got majority of metal workers. They are considered as descendants of people came from Nepal involved in the art of building huge idol of Buddha. Further, their generations are continuing this inherited business. Some beautiful piece of articles for daily household use and for religious purpose are hookkah-bases, chang pots, teacup stands and bowls.

The astonishing thing is that we will find the ornate iron stoves in the kitchen of people of leh and ladakh wihch are big made by the skillful hands of gara. It is used to make food on it. Some more artistic examples of work are Pattu and Baskets. The rough and woolen fabric is called Pattu and the baskets are the result of woven of willow twigs or particular kind of grass. These baskets are basically used to carry babies, vegetables and dung which is commonly called manure to the field in the morning.

Our visit will be an incomplete visit to Jammu and Kashmir, if we do not buy even one such exotic pieces of art.

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