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Art and Craft in Kashmir


India takes immense pleasure in speaking about the pristine beauty of Jammu and Kashmir. Jammu and Kashmir holds the affluent cultural heritage, lifestyle and different food habits. Despite the fact, that it has always been the center point of discussion of war between India and Pakistan. But, still, the government of India and Ministry of tourism of Kashmir has made sure that its beauty should not be effected in any ways. Even the people of Jammu and Kashmir have supported their government equally by maintaining peace, harmonious enviourment and feeling of being united. They are simple and even today their mode of earning livelihood is handicrafts. They are very creative and talented. The clothes which are hand woven are so technically good and considered best that it can be compared with the clothes made from modern machinery.

Tourists who come to explore the city get amazed after seeing their incredible artistic sense. Local artisans and craftsman also involve themselves in making utensils, bowls, ladles, plates and picture frames. Both the male and the female family member work shoulder to shoulder. Their piece of art are authentic have a great artistic value attached to it. Both foreign and Indian tourists buy pieces of art. They are marvelous and enhance the value of our drawing room. And, appreciation we receive from our friends and family members brings happiness on our face. It also creates desire in them to visit Jammu and Kashmir once.

Pashmina Shawl is one of the examples of Kashmiris expensive piece art and craft. Its price is somewhere around 6,000 rupees. The generations of generations continue the legacy of making Pashmina. The price for the foreign and Indian tourists varies as ,we are exposing our art to the travelers, in return we expect to earn income from them which will further affect the foreign exchange. The art of embroidery also needs to be highlighted. The work of embroidery can be well seen in firans, jackets, ponchos and shawls.

So, on our trip to Jammu and Kashmir, we should not forget to buy at least one piece of art made by localities.

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