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Khajuraho Tours

khajuraho india, Tours to India, India Tours, India TourKhajuraho is known for its magnificent temples which are among the most creative examples of the Indian architecture. Built between 950 and 1050 A.D, only 22 temples out of 85 now survive. Khajuraho sculpture is sublime and sensuous, the centre of new imagery in art. The popular theme is woman: reflective, playful amorous. The carving also depict Griffins, Nymphs, Beasts, Demons in revolt, Gods in cosmic evolution, fear, doubt, jealousy, ardent love and consummate passion. The temples of Khajuraho can be divided into three geographical groups - western, eastern and southern.

Sightseeing at Khajuraho :
Visit the temples of Khajuraho which are world famous not only for their symmetry and design, but also for intricate and erotic carvings on their walls. The main temples are Kandariya Mahadeo, Chitragupta, Parsvanth and the Ghantai. The southern group only has two temples, the Duladeo which is newer and built when the creativity of Khajuraho was deteriorating. The Chaturbhuja Temple has a 3-m high statue of Vishnu.

Excursions in Khajuraho :
Dhubela Museum is 64 km away and houses a wide variety of sculpture of the Shakti cult. Panna has one of the most famous diamond mines of the world and is around 56 km from Khajuraho. The Panna National Park is an ideal place for wildlife watchers.The Pandava Waterfall on the Ken River is believed to be where the Pandavas spent a good part of their exile. The Ranch is another waterfall that lies close by. Benisagar Lake is a tourist spot around 7 km away. The dam on Khudar River and is an ideal place for boating and angling. Ranguan Lake is 20 km from Khajuraho. This is a site at the confluence of Ken and Simri rivers. The Rajgarh Palace and the Ajaygarh Fort are also worth a visit.

heritage travel in khajuraho, Tours to India, India Tours, India Tour Best Season to Visit : The summers are hot with the mercury climbing up to 47°C. Winters can be very cold with temperature dipping to 4°C.
The Khajuraho festival of dance is organized in the months of February/March every year.

Reaching Khajuraho :
Air : Well Connected to Delhi, Agra, Varanasi by air.
Rail : The nearest railheads are Harpalpur (94 km) and Mahoba (63 km).
Road : Khajuraho is connected with Panna, Satna, Chattarpur, Jabalpur, Mahoba, Bhopal, Gwalior, and Indore by road .

STD/ISD Codes :
If dialing from India to Khajuraho --- 076861 (number)
If dialing from outside India to Khajuraho --- ++ 91-76861 (number)

Shopping in Khajuraho :
Among the places to shop, there are a number of curio and handicrafts shops in the market opposite the Western Group of Temples and the Gole Market. Photoshops are also located here and cameras are available on hire.

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