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Japan India Tour

Best time to travel to IndiaJapan, 'The Land of the Rising Sun', has a wide range or attractions to endeavor. From historical and cultural treasures to modern and futuristic sights, from beautiful forests and mountains to the sea coasts, a tour to Japan is a trip to everything beautiful and amazing. So pack your bags to your next destination, Japan tour and experience a whole new adventure. Take a turn to learn making ‘sushi’ or make a refreshing cup of Japanese tea. Visit an astounding sumo stable, or book a stay in a Shukubo, temple lodging, to experience a life in temples. There is a whole lot of range to explore and something new to learn from every attribute of Japan Tour. From the simplest act of preparing a cup of tea to the most complex ones like building an Electric Town, there is so much and even more to learn from a tour to Japan. Take a tour to Japan and experience the traditional Japanese fashion, by dressing up in a Kimono. If in Tokyo you also try dressing as a maiko. Don’t forget to click a snap! Some of the must visits in a tour to Japan are Shiretoko, Shirakami-sanchi Mountain range, The Historiv Villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama, The Shrinesand Temples of Nikko, The historic Moniments of Ancient Nara and many other.

With us, make your Japan tour ever more exciting. Experience the skills and weaponry of the legendary Samurai and Ninja. Revitalize your deep senses, visit the Buddhist Zen Temples and engross your mind in Zen meditation. How could one forget the diverse festivals and cultural events of Japan? Make a tour to Japan any time of the year and you are sure to experience at least one festival that would blow your mind with its amazing magnificence. From fireworks and bon festivals in summer to snow festivals in winter, you will find many must-see attractions. The Kabuki a Japanese form of theatre is also a must see. For all the sport lovers out there, pack your bag and be ready to experience the worlds amazing weighty game. Sumo Wrestling is a wonder to ones eyes. A tour to Japan goes incomplete without watching a single match. Japanese delicacy is famous almost all over the world, especially Sushi. Widely known, the modern technology has already captured the heart of the world outside. The Electric City, Akihabara, in Tokyo is a must see. A tour to Japan and you would have the time of your life. From nature to history, from wilderness to technology, Japan gives you all and yet more. Explore Japan and you will forever remember your voyage.

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