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Travel Advice for India Traveling

If you are planning a tour to the amazing country of India for your next vacation, you are surely making the best decision. With our Travel Advice for India Traveling you will get a great deal of help with the most common Dos and Don'ts before traveling to India. This will help you not to meet up with any unexpected troubles that result in killing your happiness and fun.

At the very beginning you need gather some background information on India and the information on the place you are planning to travel in and around. With our Travel Advice for India Traveling you can get a through knowledge of the places that will suit your interest the best. Know the places where you can stay, the places where you can taste the delicious delicacies and the attractions that you should not miss out.

With our Travel Advice for India Traveling you will face no inconvenience when it comes to accommodation. We help you find a comfy accommodation in any of the cities across the country. The hotels and inn assure you to make your stay a lovely and memorable one by offering you the world-class amenities and exceptional customer service.

You have to be careful if you are a foreigner. You are allowed to pay all your dues either in the form of cash, credit cards or traveler's checks. Even concessional tickets like Discover India Fares, Youth fares, and Air Fares are alleged to be paid for in foreign exchange only. Also, it is mandatory for a traveler not to purchase any air, rail or bus tickets from any unknown person or unauthorized tour operators/ travel agents also identified as touts as they are not at all trustworthy.

Our Travel Advice for India Traveling also suggests that not to hire any type of transportation from unlicensed operators as they will only misguide you and make wrong use of your money rather than guiding you in a proper way. Pre-paid booths are appropriate if you want to hire any taxis or auto-rickshaws. Otherwise, you will create a problem for you and will land up paying heavy tariff if going by a dysfunctional meter or if there is no in-house meter system in the auto or taxi. It also recommends you that it is better if you make your travel arrangements well in advance, particularly if you are planning to cover the country in the peak seasons (between October to March).

The best thing is that being an outsider, you will not bump into language problem as people in India are educated and can easily converse with you in English. However, your desire of hiring Government-trained and approved guides who can speak Spanish, Japanese, Italian, German, French or Russian can also be fulfilled.

Above and beyond, Travel Advice for India Traveling also advises that as India and its inhabitants are quite welcoming by nature so please do not aggravate if they ogle at you just otherwise. Rather, their friendly nature and candidness will not even make you feel home sick. It is recommended that you cannot afford to miss out on not carrying your own medicines so that at the time of emergency you can use them and save yourself from any major miss happening.

Very Important point that whether you are a native of India or a foreigner do not miss out on removing your footwear before entering into the premises of temple or mausoleum when going for worshiping your deity. Moreover, there are some places of worship in India that minds carrying leather articles inside.

Traveling in the isolated places of India too late in the night might make you the victim of a catastrophe. So, please avoid that and try to cover country’s exotic places in the day-time and just rest during night.

Last but not least, our Travel Advice for India Traveling also underscores that if you ever come across any native of India asking you any personal question out of curiosity like are you married, how much do you earn, do you have kids, etc. It is just their way to get befriended to you and make you feel as if you are accompanied by your loved ones.

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