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Tourist Spots West India

Ajanta Ellora
Hidden away from view in the middle of nowhere, or so it may seem to us today, and nestled in the hills themselves, are two magical locations where the rulers of yore thought it befitting to display the artistry of their time recording for posterity stories from mythology. These caves are none other than the famous Ajanta and Ellora caves, located near the city of Aurangabad in Maharashtra. This city is all geared for tourists who flock in from around the world to see these famous caves.

Elephanta Caves
Scooped out of solid rock, the Elephanta Caves date back to 600 AD, and beckon more visitors each year than the entire city of Mumbai. No doubt, this place reverberates with the spiritual energy of India. These rock cut temples dedicated to Shiva Mahadeva are rich in sculptural content. The cave complex is a collection of shrines, courtyards, inner cells, grand halls and porticos arranged in the splendid symmetry of Indian rock-cut architecture, and detailed with exquisite stone sculptures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses

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Char Dham
Gateway of India is the landmark of Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. This is the most famous monument and the most photographed monument of Mumbai. Built as a triumphal arch to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to India in 1911, this arch shaped structure is also the starting point for most tourists who want to explore the city.

Pench National Park
Spread over 758 sq.kms of tropical moist deciduous forest, Pench is one of the most accessible tiger reserves in the country, and just 90 kilometres north of Nagpur. The Reserve is located in the southern part of the Satpura hill range in the Seoni and Chhindwara districts in Madhya Pradesh. The terrain is undulating, with most of the area covered by small hills and mounds.

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Goa Nightlife
Though, Nightlife is not so popular in India, it is very much accepted in Goa, which bears much of the Portuguese culture and tradition. One time Portuguese Colony, Goa is the best place in India to visit, if you love to fun & frolic through out the day and the night. Nightlife in Goa is exciting and there are many ways to spark up the evening. The people of Goa are fun lovers and it is very common to find families going out for a night of fun & merriment.

Goa Party
Parties are a part of life in Goa. When we talk about Goa, its hard to forget the parties of Goa. The Goa Parties are the most enthralling and compelling of activities, one can enjoy while one is in Goa. The rave parties or the trance parties of Goa are world famous, which are enjoyed by people from all the parts of the world. Tourist come to Goa to be part of these parties which are more than any get together.

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Forts & Monuments West India
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