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Experience With Beautiful Houseboats Kerala Packages

Kerala – The God’s own country has much in itself to take every tourist into a complete serenity. From magnificent landscape, to lush greenery, from wildlife to Ayurveda, everything about Kerala is just perfect to provide you with an amazing vacation.

One of the most fascinating things about the place is the wide range of Kerala Houseboats (Kettuvallam). So if you want to be one with the nature, book our Kerala Houseboats Tours and experience a vacation that you would cherish all your life. Our Kerala Houseboat tour will take you to the most exotic places in the state. The traditional Kerala houseboats are huge, slow-moving, exotic barges now used only for tourist cruises.

Just imagine waking up on a beautiful morning in the midst of a fresh water sea. Let the view take your mind away and leave you speechless. Kerala Houseboats tours provide you all that is needed to make your stay comfortable. Book your Kerala Houseboat Tour with us and live your dream. 

With our Kerala Houseboat tour you can enjoy all the facilities available. Choose your choice of Kerala houseboat tour and we assure you that we cater to all your requirements. Get mesmerized by these wooden super-structures incorporating huge bed rooms, toilets, kitchenettes and open balconies. Kerala houseboat tour is a must visit, if you traveling to Kerala. It is also a hot favourite with tourists.

Our Kerala Houseboat tour will take you over the Kerala backwaters at a leisurely pace. A cruise along the mirror-still lagoons, picture-book lakeside, palm-fringed canals and shimmering rivulets is the most enchanting holidaying experience you could ever get. A Kerala houseboat tour along the palm-fringed waterways is turning to be part and parcel of holidayers' itinerary; the traditional Kettuvallam has emerged as the mascot of Kerala Tourism.

Kerala Houseboat tours are categorized in three groups namely, Gold Star, Silver Star and Green Palm. According to the scheme a Kerala Houseboat tour fulfilling all the essential conditions prescribed by the department and another five of the ten optional conditions will be awarded the status of ‘Gold Star’. Those fulfilling the essential conditions will be awarded ‘Silver Star’. And the Kerala Houseboats tours which satisfy the essential conditions and adhering to eco-friendly measures prescribed by the department will be awarded the ‘Green Palm’ certificate.

So pack your bags and get closer to the nature with us. Book from our Kerala houseboat tours and experience a holiday that you have always been wanting.
The Kerala Houseboat Features -
Beside being an cultural heritage, the houseboats of Kerala offer an innovative holiday idea. The country houseboat in Kerala is referred to as 'Kettuvallam'. These eco-friendly houseboats are made from local materials like bamboo poles, coconut fibre, ropes, bamboo mats, carpets etc. Usually houseboats are the giant country crafts that are as long as 60 to 70 feet.

While aboard the houseboat in Kerala you may enjoy the facilities of a star categorised hotel. Basically the houseboats are well appointed with an open lounge, one or more bath attached bedrooms and a kitchenette. A Kerala houseboats are generally manned by a crew, consisting of a cook, guide and oarsman. Lazing and relaxing on the sun decks is one of the most popular activities on the houseboats in Kerala. Traditional lanterns take up the place of electricity on the houseboats in Kerala. On the houseboats you may enjoy the serene surroundings along with savouring the traditional specialities of Kerala. Fresh seafood adds to the sumptuous meals available on the houseboats.

Kerala HouseboatsOn the Way You Will See -
A boat ride into the countryside offers a close look at rustic village life- skiff-fishermen launching their cockleshell boats, large flocks of domesticated ducks waddling down to the water from thatched houses on the banks. Women, neck-deep in water, with their waist-length hair heaped in a crown, catching fish with their feet, aimless cattle grazing in lush pastures, white lotuses floating here and there in small, shallow ponds.

The tourists on the houseboats may relive the authentic life in the villages of Kerala. These houseboats or the taxis on the backwaters of Kerala pass through several towns and villages of Kerala. The Vembanad Lake forms the largest backwater stretch in Kerala. You may enjoy Alappuzha, Kottayam and Kochi on the houseboat while enjoying backwaters of Kerala. Altogether, Houseboats in Kerala are great options for short breaks and getaways.

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