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Incredible India Campaign

Beaches in IndiaAs you take a trip to the wonderful land of India you will see that India is a nation with the second highest population, it is the largest democracy in the world, it homes the world's third largest arm and most number of graduating engineers, doctors and professionals all over the world are Indians. But, along with it you will also see that India has not been able to improve its tarnished image of being a backward society of snake charmers and slum dogs.

Keeping this is mind ‘The Incredible India Campaign’ was launched in the year 2002. The main motive of this campaign was an initiative taken by the India Government to promote India as a tourist destination. This campaign had a motive of boosting tourism in India in order to generate revenue for the country. The Incredible India Campaign aimed in projecting India as an attractive tourist destination by exhibiting the different aspects of Indian Culture and Rich Heritage. And when the campaign was conducted globally it received appreciation from not only the tourism industry but also from travelers.

The Incredible India Campaign was successful in creating an amazing visual effect on everyone and promoting the thought that India is a wonderful place to visit and was one of its kinds. But the sad part was that the campaign had its downside too. Though it gained quite a wide popularity yet there were few with different view. Some critics were with the view that the campaign failed to cover the different aspects of the country. And some others felt that that the tourism infrastructure should be given more priority as according to them much of this was on the verge of falling apart. And the rest critics felt that India was not on the itinerary of millions of tourists because of poor connectivity, exorbitant taxes, visa problems, unsanitary conditions, and shortage of affordable, good quality accommodation.

However, an article in the April 2005 issue of Newsweek International listed volunteer tourism, luxury and vacation home, travel seeking spirituality, private islands and air cruises in private jets as the major emerging trends in the global tourism industry. And the amazing part was that some of these trends were visible even in India.

The Incredible India Campaign has finally worked out and today India is one of the major tourist destinations in India. Moreover the tourism industry in India has too grown drastically making India recognized and loved globally.

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