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Indian Etiquette and Customs

India the land of mixed culture, ancient tradition and wide range of different groups of people. Being quite vast in size, if you want to know about the Indian Etiquette and Customs, you need to take a round tour to all the regions, as every region has its own uniqueness. A tour to India may let you know that the country metros are more liberal and cosmopolitan as anywhere international, however, there are many rural cities which still follow old traditions and customs. Moreover, the attitude to life of people from different areas is vastly different from each other.

But one thing that you will find common to all the regions of this wonderful country is the warm hospitality of the Indians. It should, however, be kept in mind that of you are not following the accepted norm of the region, your action might be deemed as disrespectful. Few important Etiquette and Customs that are followed majorly in the country are as follows.

1. You ought to remove your shoes before entering a holy place such as a temple, gurudwara or mosque and tomb of Muslim holy men. And at some places you are to also cover your head.

2. You are not to touch any holy object by your feet. You should not give, take or point at anything with the left hand. You are to eat with your right hand.

3. People in India generally disapprove of public display of personal affection. This is mostly the attitude of people from smaller cities and villages.

4. You may give tips at restaurants; however, its not mandatory.

5. You are to greet the eldest of the family at first.

6. At local Bazaars you may indulge in bargaining for a lesser price. This is common trait of Indians. However, at the recognized and larger shops you will be charged on fixed price.

These and many more! Visit this magnificent country and you will know all the Indian Etiquettes and Customs that will surely amaze you. Experience something which you will find only in India.

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