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Ayurveda in Rishikesh

Ayurveda in RishikeshThe busy schedule of today's lifestyle has given rise to an increasing number of unhealthy individuals. The demand of Ayurveda as a remedy to diseases is thus becoming quite popular and is especially in demand amongst the tourists coming from all around.

Ayurveda balances your health in a natural way according to a 5,000 year old perfected health care system. India's Vedic Naturopath System called "Ayurveda" is an ancient theory, technique and medicinal treatment for prevention and treatment of diseases to provide optimal health & happiness. Ayurveda literally means "science of life and longevity." Ayurveda is thousands of years old holistic healing and rejuvenating science for the body and mind. Ayurveda uses natural herbal medicines. It is the most basic form of treatment which sees body as a constituent of earth air water fire and space.

Ayurvedic treatment balances the three essential bio-energies of the body Vata (gas), Pitta (heat), and Kapha (phlegm) and manages the vasti (bladder), vamana (digestion), videdama (waste), nasya (nose), and asravisru (blood). This ancient traditional discipline of medicine in India promises curing of body ailments by uprooting the main causal factor; be it inadequate or inappropriate diet, insomnia, stress and tension or muscular weakness. Ayurveda believes that "Prevention is better than cure."

The Ayurvedic curative treatment includes : Diet , Exercise, Yoga, Panchakarma, Music Therapy.

Ayurvedic Centres Around Rishikesh
Ayurveda is practiced in Rishikesh since time immemorial. Rishikesh now has countries best Spa and many Ayurvedic treatment centes for every ones requirement. There are numerous ashrams and centres in Rishikesh, one of which is Ananda Spa Resort which is world renowned for its Ayurvedic treatments.

Ayurveda in RishikeshAnanda in the Himalayas : Situated inside the Palace of Garhwal Rulers at Narndra Nager is Ananda Spa Resort. Anand ashram 260 kms from Delhi in Tehri- Garhwal region this spa has 20 treatment rooms. Ananda Spa Resort specialises in Ayurveda, Oriental and European systems of holistic health, a team of qualified nutritionists, Western & Ayurvedic physicians, spa therapists with knowledge of ancient Indian sciences and modern western treatments .

High Bank Peasants Cottgae : Best located close to the Ganga HBPC provides quality accommodation, Yoga & Ayurvedic treatments.

Budget Treatment centres : Arora Clinic, Tapovan, Laxman Jhula Baba Massage Centre, Sheesham Jhari , Rishikesh.

Gurukal Kangri Aashram : Gurukal Kangri Aashram situated near Haridwar is another Ayurveda center known for expertise in the fields of education , medicines and treatment.

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